Blogging… or not blogging

Well, my new year resolution was to keep up to date with my blogging and already I have failed miserably. In my defence I think there are a few reasons for this.  The first being that I use my Samsung Galaxy phone much more these days for emails, reading blogs, and checking Facebook and Twitter. As a result I have not been commenting much on other blogs I check out because it is a bit of a hassle on the phone. I do read them every day, using Google Reader, over a cup of decaff at the kitchen table. And sometimes I mean to go down to the study and make a witty comment or two, but by the time I get there I’ve usually forgotten what I was going to say. (That’s an age thing.)

It has also been rather chilly in my study. I do have nice new windows which keep the draughts out but it is still a cold room in winter – and the radiator goes off at lunch time. (Also, Lucy Pussy has not learned to close doors behind her but I’m working on that. A forlorn hope, I know.) The thought crossed my mind that I could use my netbook for work upstairs in the cosy rooms, but I don’t get a great internet signal up there so that’s put the kyber on that. And my study is an absolute mess just now and I just hate sitting in a mess. However, I don’t hate it enough to make me want to do something about it. It is a shame really because it is a most glorious study and the envy of many visiting clergy.

Today, as I sat in my M&S slinky nightie (not really, but it sounds better than the truth), sipping my Fairtrade decaff, I spotted some advice on blogging by Kelvin. Good advice too, as it happens. And I can see several ways I can improve. These shall include:

  1. blogging more often
  2. commenting on other blogs
  3. doing something about the heating in my study that won’t cost an arm and a leg

2 thoughts on “Blogging… or not blogging

  1. I’m currently in mid-blog post (but need to stop for coffee). It takes effort, really – especially if you’re fussy about what you write. This one will have taken me well over half an hour when I’m done – and I have so much to read before a meeting later in the week that I’m consumed with guilt as I write, so how’s that for a disincentive? Look forward to hearing more from you …

  2. Ah yes, the guilt trip that you should be doing something else ‘more worthy’. But then I think of the church website and how I wouldn’t allow the diary to be neglected for fear of folk thinking there’s nothing going on in our church. And how blogging is mission really – and ministry too, come to think of it. So let the guilt go – and I’ll try and do the same!

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