New blog

Fr Kirstin had a great idea. Why Fr Kirstin didn’t do it herself, I’ve no idea, but she thought I’d be the very person to do it. And okay, secretly I was delighted. The idea came about when I was hunting for a Eucharistic Prayer suitable for Christmas and Epiphany. Our wee liturgy book doesn’t have a special one for that time of year, and I’ve often thought (and suggested) that they produce one but this is likely to be a long process. However it seems that several people are (illegally in some cases!) using such liturgies and I ended up with a nice choice.

Then I posted a pic of some 3d paper mache letters I get from Hobbycraft and use to make little visual displays in church. Fr Kirstin suggested that I put a new blog together and share these resources with others. And I hope others will comment too and share what they have.

Please note that this is not an official Scottish Episcopal Church website. I am not on the Liturgy Committee (shame!) either. This is merely a sharing of resources between denominations, clergy, lay people, etc. A sharing of what makes good liturgy. A sharing of my ideas and yours. Please feel free to comment and check in regularly at Eat Pray Love Liturgy. If you have recipes, prayers, craft ideas… anything at all to share, please let me know.

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