The end of a holiday

So, after the witches, vampires, lust and sex in the church, the second half of my holiday really didn’t quite match up. In fact, one might almost say that it was a bit of an anti-climax.

I went out for dinner with some friends and drank wine which I don’t often do these days because I either have the car or am working the next day. Who’d have thought in my youth that it would come to this? Not many of my friends, that’s for sure.

Struggled a bit with The Book of Human Skin because I think it is trying to be Perfume but not terribly well. I’m told it gets better so will persevere but the different fonts for each character are annoying me too. Then I re-read The Redbird Christmas for our book group today and that took an afternoon as it is deliciously short (and schmaltzy).

On Friday I went to see War Horse at the flicks. Blimey, but it was loud. And long. I’d read the book when I was in my ‘reading children’s books’ phase last year and loved it. And one of these days I’d dearly love to go to the theatre to see it done there. The film was good, but very Disney. To begin with it almost looked like it was set in Brigadoon and by the red sunset at the end I almost expected Derby O’Gill or a leprauchan to pop up too. But it was a beautiful film and great story. Still not exactly sure why it was so long because the book is pretty short, but I suppose it was padded out with dialogue. There was some sniffing and hankies being produced by the end from those next to me but I’m afraid I remained dry-eyed.

On Sunday I awoke early having had a most horrible nightmare. It was all about the pew sheet being wrong for Mother Ann who is covering for me and then having to write it out by hand, and nobody had found the correct page in the Lectionary, and so on. It was in fact all about me not being in control and it all falling to pieces.  Oh dear.  But as I was up so early I went back to my old haunt in Linlithgow for church because their service begins at 9.30am. It was so lovely to be pew fodder and Mother Marian is looking after them in the vacancy so nice to catch up with her too. In fact, as the eccentrics started playing up it was almost as if I’d never been away! (By the way, you may be thinking that it is not good form for a priest to revisit an old charge, but I did ask permission and I am covering for a few of their weekday services. However, it is still a difficult issue.)

So that’s my post-Christmas done and dusted. I do feel rested and refreshed. Only one funeral awaits me and a pile of mail and emails. But it is good to be back. Another week and I’d have gone mad.


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