Sharing ideas

Remember when you were a curate and full to bursting of fresh ideas and plans for what you’d do in YOUR church? Remember the dreams you had, the plans for creating visual extravaganzas because you are a visual person and not a word person? Remember how some of them worked and others fell flat? Such is ministry.

I was showing my little church to a friendly curate last week and she asked where I got my stand-up letters from. Then it occurred to me that others might be interested too. They come from Hobbycraft and are 3D brown paper mache and stand about 8″ tall and are £1.99 each. I paint them with acrylic paint (2 coats) and they look wooden and quite substantial. At my old church they stood on the side altar, but here they are on a table at the door with tealights in front of them. Everyone remarks on how welcoming it is.  I have different words – REPENT for Lent, ADVENT, EMMANUEL and ALLELUIA for Easter. I might do a REMEMBER for November this year. Lent and Advent ones are painted purple (of course) and Easter and Christmas are gold. The candles definitely enhance them.

Perhaps you can think of other words to do? (Keep it clean please!)  Or any other visual ideas to share?



7 thoughts on “Sharing ideas

  1. Something for Epiphany would be nice. Shine, perhaps. Turn again would make an alternative to repent, stop it getting stale.

  2. II once made a dove out of tealights – a somewhat stylised descending dove . You need a sand to set it in, because ideally you need to set at a slanting angle to be seen.. It did look ever so pretty.

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