The day before Christmass

The service sheets are photocopied, the sermons and stories written, the church is twinkling, the champagne is chilling, and the church heating is on. So why do I feel that I’ve forgotten something really important? We even have three baby Jesuses – the original has a broken arm and several scars, so some kind granny has pinched two others as a replacement. I have visions of one little person screaming that we’ve nicked her doll at the Christingle service.

Ah, the Christingles! Oh its alright, the Frasers are doing those.

But still I think that there is something important that should have been done that hasn’t. Like the year we lost the baby Jesus and I had to lay a folded hankie in the crib because it was either that or a cough sweet or microphone (all that was in my pocket at the time).

I did forget the disposable wine glasses but I’ve found some plastic cups which will have to do. Well you don’t want to have to go into the Pound Shop in Falkirk on Christmas Eve, do you?

After a rather large shop yesterday I came home, filled the fridge and realised we only had enough food for one meal. But we do have lots of Prosecco so who cares?

The presents finally were wrapped this morning but as yet we have no tree to put them under. Perhaps that’s what I forgot. But Son #2 did promise that he’d do it several weeks ago. After all, we don’t want it put up too early, do we?

For now, I shall wander about looking for the missing job. I know there is something I’ve still to do…


7 thoughts on “The day before Christmass

  1. I still have to pad the Christmas Cake in such a way that it will travel unscathed to Edinburgh, but apart from ironing out a little problem I have with pitching in “The Lamb” I think I may be sorted … must just remember to take the intercessions I wrote out …

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