Longest Book Group discussion yet

Thanks to Rosemary, our latest book was Toast by Nigel Slater. It wasn’t easy to find discussion questions on any of the Book Group websites, but we did find some.

Toast tells the story of Nigel Slater, chef and writer of cookbooks, growing up in the 60s and 70s. Each short chapter involves food of some sort and it was this that got us talking. Reminiscences galore of butterscotch angel delight, semolina, Surprise Peas, Aztec bars and many more foods long forgotten. We fondly remembered corner shops and grocers where bacon was sliced for you and butter came in pats with wooden paddles.

The book itself was really quite sad and some of the group felt there was rather too much sex or masturbation (or ‘shaking it all about’ as one person put it).  However we all enjoyed the trip down memory lane and shared lots of stories of food in our own families.

Our next read is The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. (One of my favourites.)

5 thoughts on “Longest Book Group discussion yet

  1. I think I might have asked: How far is this book a long letter of forgiveness to Slater’s father? Can we forgive through understanding? Can an adult learn how to forgive childhood wrongs without denying the damage caused?

    It is in a way sad, but it really about how journeying backwards can bring healing, and how an adult can find the happiness denied to a child.

    Gosh, though, fancy taking my recommendation!

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