For the last 6 weeks a group of us have been Exploring our Faith in Worship. (The course is available from our Diocesan Office if you’re interested.) We started off with worship for Jews and the Passover and moved on to the early Church. We imagined what it would be like to worship in secret and what ‘things’ we would take with us. We pondered the liturgical year. We explored what parts of our liturgy are important for us, and which bits we could easily leave out. We shared stories of our most amazing experience of worship. We wondered how to make worship more relevant today.

Then last night 2 groups created their own act of worship. The boys put together a celtic Service of the Word with the theme of Creation. The girls sat us in a circle round a tea-light cross and gave us stones to hold while we said Compline together. It was indeed a joy for me to sit back and let it happen. It was a joy to see what my little flock had taken from the course and how they had worked together to create something beautiful.

Both groups finished with a lovely blessing. Here they are (and apologies for not citing the reference):

May God’s blessing surround you
and love fill your hearts.
May Christ walk beside you
and never depart.
Holy Spirit keep you faithful
and strong to the end
as the stars light your light pathway
sweet blessings descend.

Go in peace
and may God the Mother keep you safe,
God the Father hold you firmly,
God in Christ take you by the hand,
and God the Spirit cover you
with her warm bright wings.


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