Christ Church Falkirk storms Holy Island

After weeks of storms and showers and hurricanes the morning of our parish outing to Lindisfarne dawned warm and sunny. The weather forecast said ‘blustery with showers’ but for once I’m glad to say they were wrong. And so 31 of us headed off in the bus down the coast to Holy Island.

The parish church of St Mary the Virgin welcomed us and allowed us to say mass when we arrived. I got to wear their most beautiful celtic vestments (photos to follow) and much coveting was done. We even took a photo of the rest of their gorgeous goodies in the Sacristy when nobody was looking. Some visitors joined us for communion which was nice.

Then we had the rest of the afternoon to wander about. Some went out to the castle, some to the harbour, and some pottered closer to home scoffing mead and doing some shopping. The Lindisfarne Scriptorium did some good trade, I do believe.

Back on the bus and down the coast through Bamburgh to Seahouses and the Bamburgh Castle Inn Hotel for tea. We had a lounge upstairs all to ourselves with a view of the harbour and the castle. Many fish and chips were consumed.

A great day was had by all. There were no accidents, no lost children or elderly, and toilets were found when necessary. I’d call that a result.


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