Girl power

Last Friday I took the funeral of a very important woman. As is often the case, I didn’t quite realise how important that person was until after they died. Jinty Kerr was secretary to the Vestry when I first came here but never came to church in the whole year I’ve been at Christ Church. The reason was that she developed cancer just before I came and although she did a splendid hand-over and kept me informed of what had happened in the past, I only met her at her own home when I regularly took her home communion. I knew that Jinty had been a police officer and had attained promotion throughout her career but I had no idea that she was responsible for so many ‘firsts’. She led the way for women in the police force breaking through the glass ceiling on many occasions. There are splendid obituaries for her here and here. Jinty was a pioneer for women in a man’s world and rarely spoke about it to me. We spoke about churchy things and about chemo things and about family things. I was there at her death when she whispered the Lord’s Prayer with me, received communion and died. There were about 300 people at her funeral which spoke volumes about how much she was loved and respected.

Today a link on a blog took me to One Hundred Women: The unseen powerful women who change the world. Each of them has a story like Jinty’s. Stories of women who make change happen, sometimes in very small ways but all in ways that make our world a better place.  If you ever think you are too small to make a difference then you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito, sayeth the Dalai Lama. Read some of these stories and you will be inspired to greatness.


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