Reflections on leading worship

I’ve just finished reading At Heaven’s Gate: Reflections on leading worship by Richard Giles. In fact, I read it in one sitting, notebook at my side to scribble down pieces I needed to keep. (A borrowed book otherwise it would be been filled with pencil marks and exclamation marks.)

Giles has, in one fell swoop, rekindled my love for good liturgy and worship that

‘takes place on the threshold of the realm of God, on the border between earth and heaven.’

Those who have read Giles’ other books on worship (Re-Pitching the Tent and Creating Uncommon Worship) will know that he writes with humour and passion. Sometimes that passion is difficult to translate to a small church with fixed pews and a rood screen. It is all very well suggesting that we all move throughout the liturgy from one place in the church to another, ending up in a circle round the altar, but when your aisle only takes 2 skinny people abreast and there is barely room for one plump priest behind the altar, never mind the whole flock, then it can be challenging and perhaps something only to dream of. But this little book has toned it down a bit and makes much more simple suggestions for passionate worship. As ever I feel fired up and ready to tinker.


2 thoughts on “Reflections on leading worship

  1. “Danger, Will Robinson”, the rector is ready to “tinker”.

    Still, it’s not quite enough to drive one to Presbyterianism.

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