A liturgy for ordering of a study…

Came across this today and just loved it. And so timely too as I wade my way through a week’s worth of junk mail, begging letters, 43 answering machine messages where the person just hung up, a pile of post-it notes with scribbled words and numbers which mean nothing to me whatsoever but they’re in my handwriting so must have been me, piles of things-to-go-to-church, things-to-be-filed, things-to-be-recycled, things-to-be-shredded, and things-yet-to-be-decided-where-they-belong. But first I think I shall amalgamate all the To Do lists into one giant To Do list, the epitome of To Do lists, the doyen, the king, the zenith of all To Do lists.

5 thoughts on “A liturgy for ordering of a study…

  1. I like the methodology used by Inspector Frost. He had a LBW – Let the buggers wait- file. If it did not feel important to him, it could go in there until the sender followed it up with a call or another note. If they didn’t, he reckoned, it wasn’t important anyway.
    But then, if you have seen the series you will know that he is hardly a shining example of how to deal with routine admin.

  2. So if I use this liturgy, will my study be tidy by the end of it? If it is, I shall claim it as the century’s great miracle.

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