Tales of a wee week off

I’ve just had a wee week off. A week off is just not enough really for a holiday. It doesn’t feel like a week, it feels like a ‘wee week’. That’s probably because the first few days are spent getting the house in order and dozing at unexpected times. You just have to write them off.  Then you manage to do a spot of reading and watching movies (and nursing of Son #1’s girlfriend who’d come to visit and took ill). A midweek lunch with a friend was lovely and all too short really. Of course, behind it all there is the thought of ‘where will I go to church on Sunday’. As it happened, for reasons which I won’t go into here, it had to be somewhere fairly close so my old haunt at Bathgate was going to be the lucky recipient of my company today. That was until I went out, all dressed and tittivated, to find someone had parked in front of my car and blocked me in – and our service had already started so I could hardly stomp in and demand they move it. I can’t tell you how flipping mad I was. Getting to be pew fodder is just so important to me because it happens so rarely. (Oh Ruth, get over it! And you got to listen to the Archers Omnibus uninterrupted so what’s the complaint?)

Anyway, let me tell you what I read this week.  I’d begun Case Histories a week or so ago and then discovered it was also being serialised on TV. So closely, in fact, that the book was spoiled by knowing exactly what was going to happen. There was more humour in the book, I think, but I preferred it being set in Edinburgh on TV rather than Cambridge. I like Kate Atkinson’s style of writing and am working my way through all of her books in between others.

I also started In this House of Brede by Rumer Godden. The first I ever heard of Rumer Godden was when Bruce Willis, on whom I had a brief crush during his Moonlighting days, named his first child Rumer after said author. I assumed she was American. Then I read about this book on another blog recently and discovered that she had written the book ‘Black Narcissus’ which was made into one of my favourite nun films. (Yes, I have a list of favourite nun films. Doesn’t everyone?) Black Narcissus is the one with the nuns in Tibet or Nepal where Sr Ruth goes mad and swings from a bellrope at the end. You know the one. (And why are mad people always called Ruth? Think ‘Casualty’! And many others…) This blog was extolling In this House of Brede as a book about nuns (more nuns! yay!) which the blogger had read and re-read throughout her life. Off to Amazon I went and it arrived midweek, and what a joy it is. It is quite a tome so it might take me time to get through it but I can recommend it already. But I’m wondering why I’ve never heard of Rumer Godden and her nun books before.

I’ve also started When God was a Rabbit which I am also adoring. I don’t think it is like anything I’ve read before but I love its quirkiness. And it is very funny in bits. More on that later. It may well get to be our next book group book. (We’re doing Cranford during the summer in the first of our Classics.)

Son #1, sick girlfriend and I also watched Tamara Drewe which was in the bargain bucket at Tesco and a British film so had to be bought. It was funny, laugh out loud in places, and sweet. It is a film made from Posy Simmonds’ cartoon strip in the Guardian, which I’d never read btw. Tamsin Greig made the movie for me, as she usually does, playing the cheated-upon wife of a crime novelist who holds writer’s retreats. There is a bit of Hardy in the mix too, and two hilarious teenagers living in a small village where nothing exciting ever happens. It is a good Sunday afternoon film (although we watched it on Wednesday, I think, but it was fun all the same).

So that was my week really. Not terribly exciting. I did plan on getting away for a few days but events conspired against me but I’ve had a rest and that was needed. Now once more unto the breach…

3 thoughts on “Tales of a wee week off

  1. Quite fancy a week like that – they don’t seem to come along very often when you’re retired and take on too many “little” jobs.
    You’ll have to try Rumer Godden’s: FIVE FOR SORROW, TEN FOR JOY which is about the French Dominican Sisters of Bethanie who work with criminals, prostitutes, drug addicts and are open to any of these ‘unfortunates’ who have a vocation to the religious life. Sisters are equal and anonymous.

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