Fashion victim confessions

I hear that the latest fashion in footwear is the Clark’s Kestrel sandal. Alexa Chung and other fashionistas have been seen sporting the retro sandals about town.

These were my sandals at school. Either these or some nice Startrite ones. These were not fashionable in my day. These were the most embarrassing sandals a girl could wear. But when you have the widest feet in Christendom (with the highest insteps) then only these will do – because they are adjustable.

Oh how I dreamt of little sling back numbers like my sister got to wear. No, I have to flap flap around in flat Clark’s sandals and they were not pink in the early 60s either, let me tell you. It was tan or tan. So attractive when your feet are cube-shaped.

It is funny how fashion goes round in circles. I look at the maxi dresses today and remember tripping upstairs in my black satin maxi-skirt worn with Sacha platforms at the local discotheque. That was after the loons and cheescloth look, I think. Yes, dear reader, I was a fashion victim. I’d browse my mum’s Freeman’s catalogue looking for the perfect trendy outfit to pay up in 10 easy installments. Of course, by the time you’d finished paying it, it was 3 months out of date and never to be worn again.

Of course I’d never been seen dead in something like that now. It is fashion victim stuff for the young and thin. I’ll stick to my ever trendy Birkenstocks (well they must be if they’re sold in Schuh, right?) and comfy stretch fabrics for an ever-increasing body size. Such is middle age.


7 thoughts on “Fashion victim confessions

  1. I lived in sandals like these for much of my adult life – and might be tempted to return to them had I not discovered Crocs (though actually mine are Holey Soles, which seemed somehow appropriate)

  2. Did you have the Afghan coat phase too? (I ask because we are exact contemporaries.)How is Lucy Pussy too? Your devoted readership longs for an update. How did she cope with your absence at Synod- or ought I not to ask?

  3. Oh the Afghan coat! How I coveted those who had one of them. I lusted after them and my mother kept saying that they’d smell like a dead sheep when they got wet. I cared not. But no, I never ever had one. *sighs deeply with regret*

    I have crocs too and they are wide enough for my little piggies but a wee bit hot after a while.

    Lucy Pussy is quite recovered, Thank you. but I think this is due to the drinking fountain filled with Evian from which she sups day and night rather than my ministrations. The rest of the antibiotics sit beside the sink looking at me accusingly. She has been terribly friendly since my return from Synod, but is getting miffed at my increased gait. The more weight I put on my tum, the less room there is on my lap for snoozing.

  4. Ruth, you do need to be boss of your cat. If you want her to take her pills, then pills she shall take. You need to let her know that scratches and bites will not sway your will.

    I wonder whether I need to run a workshop on giving a cat a pill.

    I suspect that she is improved for two reasons – firstly that General Synod gave her a couple of days respite and secondly that her health may be boosted by a belief that with regard to the pills, she has won.

  5. ah the afghan coat: I acquired one that someone else didn’t want, and when I put it on I knew why- the difference between me and an Arab sheep could not be told with the eyes shut, and only smell to rely on.

  6. You are either being ironic or I’m being dim – to me they look like Birkenstocks, not something I’m that familiar with though, not my style at all.

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