Notes from the Sick Bay

Lucy Pussy is ill. As I am new to this pet owning lark, I didn’t quite pick up on the clues quick enough. As a result, I spent a few days asking her why she was mewing so much and did she want more treats? It took some rather antisocial behaviour (on her behalf, I hasten to add) before I finally got around to Googling and then phoning the Vet.

Oh the worry of it all! Oh the cost of it all! And the pampering and smothering and buying of tidbits and fountains from which Madam can drink ‘flowing’ water. (The latter works a treat, by the way.) We’ve had 4 injections so far with never a squeak. (What a brave wee soldier.) We’ve gathered the smallest urine sample in history with a pipette and test-tube affair. We’ve gasped with horror at the result and then been overcome with grief for shouting when she peed on my bed. We’ve been dismayed when Madam was not lying and side-somersaulting at the bedroom door in the morning or waiting patiently until I came out of the shower. In fact we have been checking every half an hour that Madam is still breathing as she lay prone on the spare bed. It has all been rather dramatic and exhausting, frankly.

Today we seem to have turned a corner and we thank God for that. Now we are left with the pills and the potions to give. We have taken advice on which method is best and we tried two this morning: the secret method from a certain Provost and squishing it up in food. Neither has worked so far. This afternoon we go hunting for smoked sausage which apparently secretes said pills beautiful and is a delicacy in pussy-world. We are not convinced.


5 thoughts on “Notes from the Sick Bay

  1. Oh, dear! I hope the pill-giving routine with the sausage will work.
    The good news is that cats generally manage to recover pretty well from most illnesses and accidents (which is why they seem to have 9 lives). But it’s scary to have them so ill, especially when they can’t tell you what’s wrong. Keep us posted on her progress!

  2. My first cat was so adept at appearing to swallow a pill only for it to be discovered several feet away next day that we tried every disguise known to man. In the end , the only one which worked (time consuming though it was) was to cut up even the tiniest pill into four and bury each one in a lollipop sized surround of mackerel pate.
    I hope she – and you – recover soon.

  3. I found holding the cat between my knees while kneeling on the floor holding its head firmly, and gripping the mouth at either side to squeeze it open (all with the same hand) with the other hand hand putting the pill as far back in the open mouth/throat then holding the mouth shut and rubbing the throat till swallowed worked everytime. Stressful at times though! Nut it usually worked, I never found hiding it in food helped at all, they are adept at eating the food and leaving the pill. Poor Lucy and poor you though, but they do usually recover well. Sometimes helped having the cat sort of wrapped in a towel too while holding it in your knees… interesting images coming here, think I’ll stop now!

  4. My darling Albert suffers from crystals in his urine which can give him great discomfort from time to time, but if it is any comfort to you I am a long-term cat owner and it took me a while to spot that discomfort had become real pain recently and to get him treatment. Fortunately he is quite probably the only cat in the world who if you say ‘open wide’ will open his mouth to accept a pill and then allow you to hold his mouth and stroke his throat until he licks his nose proving the pill has gone down

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