Dreams of an alternative General Synod

Sometimes you come across a blog entry which really resonates with you. Today, this was the case with Fr Tim’s blog on Clergy Conferences, although it could equally have been written about our own General Synod which is coming up soon.

What really caught my eye was No 3 – The Talent Show!  Now, in Scotland neither our Clergy Conference nor General (or Diocesan) Synod has a Talent Show but I’m now thinking that perhaps we ought. Think ‘Clergy Glee’. I’m sure there could be some musicians or singers out there and possibly a comedian or two. If  clergy are present then there is bound to be some poetry recitations. There are sure to be some talented pets for every rectory has either a cat or dog to amuse and kick-off awkward conversations. I’d like to see the Bishops do something together – perhaps a boy-band number? And the Deans could do a boy-band number and the Provosts… gosh, are there really no women in senior positions in our wee church?

Not sure what my talent would be. I can recite The Return of Albert (don’t ask why) but I’m not sure that it really showcases my best talent. I’m not sure it is quite … dramatic enough, if you know what I mean. Perhaps you can think of something for me?

And what would your talent be at the Clergy Conference or other meeting?


4 thoughts on “Dreams of an alternative General Synod

  1. I truly love this idea, the public gallery would be packed, loudly demanding opera glasses and ice cream!

    • Oooh opera! Well we did have one bishop who could have done some opera, and I know a certain Provost who writes Opera Reviews, so surely he could give us a wee number? And ice-cream for sure. Maybe that’s my gift – to carry the choc ices…

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