Book Review

After 40 days of non-fiction in Lent, which was less of a hardship perhaps than it should have been, I read my first work of fiction yesterday. Yes, finished it in one go, with a few naps in between of course, as my body is still in ‘if she’s reading a book it must be bedtime mode’.

I’m not sure where this one was recommended but I really enjoyed The Resurrection of the Body by Maggie Hamand. It began its life as an entry for a competition – to write a novel in under 24 hours – and won the World One-Day Novel Cup in 1994. Since then it has been expanded to almost twice the length. I couldn’t see the joins.

It begins on Good Friday when the vicar Richard Page is conducting the three-hours service. A man staggers in, bleeding from a ferocious knife attack. (How cheesed off would you be if that happened to you? A lot, I reckon!)  He has no identification on him and later dies in hospital. Richard becomes inquisitive about this man when nobody comes to claim that they know him. Then his body disappears from the mortuary. (Yes, 3 days later!) There follows a quest by Richard to find out what has happened, and a few run-ins with the police, his wife, his congregation and his superiors. All through this Richard is struggling with his faith which ties in beautifully with the story.

It was a good page-turner and a great mystery novel which I really enjoyed. Recommended.


4 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Ruth, it sound fascinating. I’m afraid your link doesn’t work properly, but takes you to a page linking to Amazon’s main site.

  2. Dear Ruth, I hope you know what a wonderful spirit-lifter you are to your attendant blog-readers? Just ‘recovering’ from Holy Week, feeling dormouse-like, and here is this good read being offered. Just what is needed and I’m off to Amazon. Merci!

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