Making Connections

You know how sometimes you meet someone new and you know within a few minutes that you are going to love them to bits. Well, that happened to me this morning just before Morning Prayer.  An ex-member of Christ Church had got in touch with me before Christmass to say he was enjoying the blog and the church website and that he’d love to pop in when he was next down visiting family. I replied in the affirmative and his name sounded familiar. Then I remembered that a friend had spoken of him to me years ago, and what a friend he was but she had lost touch.  I didn’t hear anything again until a few days ago when he emailed again to say he was down in Falkirk and would like to come to Morning Prayer. This time my reply did reach him (the previous one had been spammed) and he turned up on the doorstep just as I was trying to put my face on, deal with the Gas man (we have no heating in church) and answer the phone.

After an inauspicious start, we settled down to Morning Prayer and after I invited him in for coffee. He remembers the Rectory when it included what is now the hall and he had fond memories of sitting by the fire in the study. And we chatted and chatted about friends in common; about Christ Church’s history and the people; about our common love of good liturgy; about the SEC and a host of other things. And how we laughed. An immediate connection.

We also had a wee tour of the church and he told me of chalices from the Catholic Apostolic Church (long gone, I fear), and the (now absent) reredos, and a banner with Monstrance (where is it, please?), and hosts of servers, the story of the Requiem Altar and windows, and a whole history which makes a church a tale of people past and present. Wonderful! Don’t you just love it when Piskies get together?


4 thoughts on “Making Connections

  1. Your previous post caused me and I’m sure many more of your friends to pray for you to be given comfort and renewed strength … and here is God-given encouragement. What a lovely blessing.

  2. The reredos has merely been re-arranged: it is now both the picture on the south wall of the nave and the portico for the main door. It was considered, at the time, slightly odd for “Christ Church” to have its main window depicting Christ covered by a reredos, despite the impecable provenance of the central imagery.

  3. Errm, what’s the point of this nym if I go around admitting ignorance all of the time?

    Any way, if I knew where a proper Monstrance was hiding, I’d have let you know when you got the micro-one out on Sunday.

    I’d guess that the hosts of servers are now geographically, if not mortally, dispersed.

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