Blogging (or rather the lack of it) in the run up to Holy Week

My plan was to blog every day in Lent. I thought it might be holy and inspiring stuff. It wasn’t. It was the usual moans and stories and a wee bit of holiness. Sometimes I missed it altogether.

Now in the days leading up to Holy Week my well has run dry. I’ve used up all my creative juices in creating stuff for my little flock.  I’ve barely been over the doorstep this week, such has been the volume of stuff needing doing. And then just as one thing goes off to the photocopier, you think of another way of doing it which would be much better but it is too late. Lucy Pussy is no help whatsoever and has taken to sitting between me and the computer screen for fun and attention. (Sometimes it is between me and the keyboard but that is usually dealt with by a swift nudge and a miaow.)

It will all happen but right now it doesn’t feel like it will. I should really listen to my own Lent Course on Prayer, shouldn’t I?


8 thoughts on “Blogging (or rather the lack of it) in the run up to Holy Week

  1. Sympathy, Ruth. I know that feeling only too well. Forget about the blog if necessary and concentrate on Holy Week and your congregation. We’ll still be here after Easter. 🙂

  2. Awe, bless you Ruth, take a break before the big week coming up. I have found your bloggs inspirational, I have just purchased “The Things He Carried” and shall use it in the run up to Easter. You are doing a great job, Ultreya! Will pray for inspiration for you. x

  3. Oh Ruth,
    I felt sure that you are the helper and representative of the omnipresent and perfect – not expected to be it yourself. We need a human priest, not a saint. Look after yourself and the needy bits of your flock – the Lord will lead, listen and follow.

  4. Having just led a Quiet Day for 14 clergy at which I invited them to sleep if they wished to [and none of them did] my well has run dry too. but you mentioned a book which your son had given you, and I have that: so can warmly recommend relaxing in a hot bath, lots of lovely smelly purple [lavender] stuff, and finding this book stimulating, utterly readable, and so electrifying that all wells are in serious danger of over-flowing – or maybe that’s the bath…

  5. And it’s that sort of time isn’t it? Passion approaching, too much for words, time for teaching over, watching and waiting …

  6. Thank you all for your kind words. I’m feeling much better now. Funeral tomorrow, then some time to write sermons and stuff. And remind me why I agreed to preach at the Chrism Mass? Eek.

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