The Church Hall unveiled

When I came to Christ Church I was told that there were plans to redecorate the Church Hall, which once upon a time would have been my Morning Room and Dining Room, I guess. For the past few weeks some kind pixies have been preparing and stripping and painting and tomorrow it will be unveiled. New chairs have been purchased, new prints put up on the walls, and the terracotta walls have been covered in Moonshine with Thistle below the new dado rail. We are rather pleased with it all. (Fireplace is yet to be done along with a new rug.)

The meeting room through the back which was once for Sunday School and then filled with junk has been cleared and we now hold Morning Prayer there. For all you twitchers out there, there are a host of feathered friends who join us each morning. I’ve no idea what they’re called but they make some racket.

I had some lovely prints from the Lindisfarne Scriptorium which we’ve had framed and they are scattered around for inspiration. (Frames from Ikea.)

Now, if anyone wants to hire a beautiful hall or meeting room, do get in touch.


6 thoughts on “The Church Hall unveiled

  1. Thistle… You know you’ve definitely arrived when they start painting thinsg purple. Hope last night went well, sorry not to be able to make it. Love and prayers as always!

  2. Oooooh, it looks lovely! Did they have difficulty in choosing a colour so said “thistle do”? Sorry couldn’t resist!
    Nice to see you again and lovely service last night. Thanks x

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