Scottish Church News from 1937

I’ve found another rather delicious wee snippet from The Scottish Churchman entitled ‘Excerpts from Episcopal Addresses at recent Diocesan Councils and Synods’.

ST ANDREWS – “A good deal may be done to deepen the religious life of our people by the steady and patient teaching of the faith in simple and direct language, taking the Prayer Book as our guide, and showing how Church doctrine is Bible truth.”

BRECHIN – “Apart from the faithful remnant who still sought after God, it is difficult to discern any religious outlook at all in vast masses of our fellow countrymen… The consequence was only too clear – there is settling down upon us a malaise compounded of fear, selfishness, and cynicism, which is more and more inclined to despair.”

ABERDEEN – “For years and years the diocese has given me an almost crushing feeling of anxiety, owing to the very large number of small and very poor charges which it contained, more small and poor charges than any other diocese in the Scottish Episcopal Church.”

MORAY – “The Bishop of Moray in his charge gave a valuable account of the Coronation Service, prefaced by the following words: – “It is the solemn hallowing of the Sovereign for his great office, which, we cannot doubt, will give him in answer to prayer, the peace of God to fulfil his office to the glory of God and the good of the people over whom the Sovereign is to rule.”

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