A message to all designers of Easter cards

A stained glass window with a bunch of daffodils or a pretty church on a hill is NOT THE EASTER MESSAGE!

Please tell me why there are copious quantities of bunnies and chicks on Easter cards at a ratio of about 25 to 1 religious card? And  let me tell you, dear designer, that Easter is not about pretty churches.  What we really want is Jesus leaping out of a tomb and many, many Alleluias. And as we are the people most likely to buy and send Easter cards, why on earth can’t you get the message that we want Jesus and an empty tomb, not a sickeningly yellow furry fest?

Every year we have to make a journey into the one religious bookshop in Edinburgh (at least 6 weeks before Easter by which time they will have sold out because they are so popular) or order them online at great cost plus P&P. And its not like I haven’t got enough to do these weeks before Easter.

Rant over. Grrr.


9 thoughts on “A message to all designers of Easter cards

  1. Partly it is a terribly hard image to bring off – if you are not careful you get a soulful bloke in a white nightie. This is not the Easter message, either. If I was designing the card, I think I would show a view from the tomb out, and the astonished face of a disciple. Or Jesus on the shore, his back to us, cooking the breakfast BBQ and the faces of Peter & co racing towards him.

  2. The BEST pic of the resurrection is the one by Piero della Francesca (I’m sure it’s on Google images). IMO Piero rocks and if I found a card with his version on I’d buy up a job lot of them!

  3. Noli me tangere is at best ambiguous. The fact it, the Resurrection challenges our images to the utmost. We are always going to find it easiest to see it in astonishment – if I, personally, was going to pick an image it would be Caravaggio’s Supper at Emmeaus.

  4. I’m not sure Christians actually are the most likely people to send Easter cards. Its certainly not a tradition in my family or my church, more likely to be seen as part of the commercialisation of Easter.
    If you want to start a discussion on the difficulty of getting a card that said Mothering Sunday rather than Mothers Day, then I’m your woman.

  5. I have to confess to putting a flower on the church Lent/ Easter card this year.

    Two reasons:
    (1) it gets distributed now, to tell people about services, so it’s too soon for empty tombs.
    (2) it’s so much easier with vistaprint not to have to worry about copyright, and I didn’t have any photos of Jesus bursting from the tomb. sadly.

  6. AGatha, I’ve always sent Easter cards as do most of my church friends. Perhaps it is a ‘high church’ thing?

    Kimberly, I printed my own Holy Week and Easter services card and actually put on it that wonderful Gill drawing of Jesus being carried to the tomb by women!

  7. you are so right: and add to this a further grrr! at christmas cards being sold in churches/cathedrals even, which have ‘season’s greetings’ and a picture of something utterly devoid of christian message. One year I wrote to 22 bishops to ask them how they could allow this in their cathedrals, and please would they ensure that Christmas cards/message were bought the next year… were they? not in the ones I looked back at.
    PS Chichester Cathedral has a truly brilliant picture of Jesus absolutely flying out into the world, defeating all evil. http://www.chichestercathedraltrust.org.uk/dyn/pages/chichester-cathedral-trust-christmas-cards/

  8. PS I should have said the image is actually a bronze statue, but there is a card – shown here in their Christmas card page [!] scroll down a short distance, past the choristers…!

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