Earth Hour

Last night I was invited to a dinner party to celebrate Earth Hour. I confess to never having heard of it before, but I did my duty – googled it and learned all about it. I had been invited to take a candle and the website said this would be better if it was recycled. So I gladly took along 2 feet of an old Paschal Candle from 2009.

(By the way, as an aside to all those folk who complain that their priest never visits… invite them to dinner and they’re sure to turn up!)

Dinner was made from local home grown produce, vegetarian, and at the appointed hour of 8.30pm all the lights in the house were put out and we ate our meal by the light of a hundred candles. The temperature rose and by the time we got to pudding some people were about to pass out with the heat. (Granny remained resolutely ‘chilly’.)  We used the ‘Swedish method’ of dishing up which I believe means everyone stands up and leans over to help themselves to the food. As it was dark we couldn’t really see what we were delving in to but it all tasted delicious.

You know, it was a great night. Great conversation. Great company. Great food. Not so great that the clocks went forward and I had to leave just as the chat got really outrageous.


2 thoughts on “Earth Hour

  1. Do we think burning a hundred candles is better for the environment than an hour’s worth of leccy? I was ironing so decided switching the lights off might be on the dangerous side.

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