Too busy to pray?

You know how in Lent you are meant to think about taking something on? Well I seem to have taken so much on that I haven’t got time to do anything else, let alone read or pray. Giving up fiction in Lent is one thing, but when I don’t even manage to open a theological tome or even meditate on a picture in the first 8 days, then there must be something wrong.

Must try harder.

5 thoughts on “Too busy to pray?

  1. Better to realise at day 8 than day 38. There is still time to revisit your time management and then challenge we, your flock, to do the same I would suggest. Oh and by the way I can’t be at church on Sunday, this is such a busy month. So if you find a solution to help in rush – do pass it along!

  2. Kimberly, don’t give it a second thought. part of the problem is that Falkirk do an ecumenical Holy Week with an ecumenical choir who are about to start rehearsing so they want my music for Maundy Thursday and the Easter Vigil. This means I have to actually write them to figure out what music I need. But on the bright side, I shall be ready rather than sitting up into the wee small hours during Holy Week. Perhaps.

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