Time to stop and stare

During Lent we should be taking time to stop and stare, to pray more, to reflect more. But for leaders in the Church, as for others, Lent can be a really busy time with extra services to organise, groups to prepare for and lead, and all the rest.  I read this article in a blog today on how multitasking kills leadership and although we wimmen are meant to be good at multitasking, I can see that although we might be able to do it, it doesn’t necessarily make it right.

So although I am not giving up Facebook or Twitter for Lent as others have done, I am trying to spend more time in reflection. Time to stop and stare, even if it is just to watch the snow fall and make the landscape beautiful.  Time to be more ‘Mary-like’ and not so much ‘Martha’. Time to slow down at the Daily Office and reflect on the words.  Time to pray for the drain-man who seems to be calling daily at the moment!


2 thoughts on “Time to stop and stare

  1. There is a really lovely, challenging but very helpful, book “The Barefoot Disciple” the Archbishop of Canterbury’s 2011 Lent book – warmly recommended – concerned with what the author calls ‘passionate humility’..

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