Tesco let me down big time

I’ve not had a wee rant for a while and this one has been building for some time so I need to let rip. Hold on to your tin hats, put your feet in a sand bucket and I’ll tell you a story about the desert (as my old dad used to say).

At the beginning of December, on the 2nd to be exact, I ordered an online shop with Tesco. You’ll remember we had rather a lot of snow at that time and needless to say it was cancelled. However, they did offer to leave it my local store for me to pick up which I agreed to, being rather desperate for food at the time. So I dug, and I dug and I dug some more snow but just couldn’t get my car out. So I phoned Tesco and cancelled the order. “No problem,” they said. Ha!

A few days later I did indeed manage to get out and get the shopping myself. But then I noticed that I had been charged for the one I didn’t get. So I phoned. “No problem,” they said. “We will refund you.”

They didn’t.

I phoned again. “No problem,” they said. “We will refund you.”  “Will you also refund my overdraft fees which I have now incurred because of this?”  “Oh no, we can’t do that. But we will refund you.”

They didn’t.

This time I emailed them. I told them the whole story again and a week later I got a message from them to say they were looking into it. Then a phone message was left to say that I wasn’t entitled to a refund because I had shopped in store for that. I hadn’t. “Call us,” they said, “if there are any problems.”  So I did… again.  I explained it all over again and the nice man said that he could see that they probably hadn’t understood the bit where the delivery was to be left in the store for me and I didn’t get in for it. “No problem,” he said. “We will refund you in 3 to 5 days.”

They didn’t.

Then I was asked to take part in an online survey asking me how pleased I was with the customer service. I let rip. They asked me why I had given them such a low score and wouldn’t recommend them to my friends. I told them, in no uncertain terms. They said “Sorry. We will refund you in 3 to 5 days.”

They didn’t.

(Are you getting bored with this yet? Because I am.)

Another phone call. Another promise to send the money. And a promise to possibly refund my overdraft fees if I send in my bank statements.

They didn’t.

I phoned again. (You know the drill by now…)

They didn’t.

I tried again today and was told this time they really will send it. And will give me £15 worth of vouchers to spend on-line. £15!  After hours of phone calls, waiting in musical queues, emails, and explanations to my bank as to the reason for my overdraft. And yes, the £15 vouchers was emailed to me within seconds of the phone call. If only they could refund the money so quickly. So I await my £123.56 with bated breath and not much hope.


6 thoughts on “Tesco let me down big time

  1. Our family boycotts Tesco on ethical grounds. We object to the way they are attempting to monopolise the retail industry here and overseas; we object to their manner of dealing with sub-contractors ; we object that they attempt to block other grocery retailers opening up stores nearby.

    For example, when my husband was in the construction industry and asked to tender as a subcontractor on a Tesco building project, at the last moment Tesco changed the agreement and attempted to cut the price. This subcontractor pulled out rather than be bullied.

    In our local High Street, Sainsbury’s attempted to renovate a derelict building and open a small ‘local’ store. It is we believe, not an urban myth that Tesco, the only grocery chain managed to block this at the planning stage. Instead we have a Lidl coming, but now it appears that Sainsbury’s wish to buy the local car showroom, demolish it and build a rather out of character store with flats above.

    Competition will be good, but we fear for the survival of our local food hero an independent butcher with deli and veg and for the independent bakers.

    We find man;y products, like cleaning materials, cosmetics, paper goods are cheaper in the High Street variety stores than the supermarkets. One does an excellent range of garden plants too. Admit that shopping in small local shops does take time, especially in an urban village where one almost always meets some one and a chat ensues.

    Friendliness and human contact is important too, and more calming than the noise, bright lighting and stress of Tesco.

  2. same thing happened to me in the new year after the van broke down…took 3 weeks for the refund to arrive…did get £30 of free e vouchers after losing my temper…then on the 10th this month an item was missing off the delivery….yep…still waiting for the refund…why the hell can they not just refund with e vouchers if the customer is happy with that….have decided not to shop on line with them anymore….why do they train staff to say 3 to 5 days when it is clear they are incapable of that as a target?

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