Lessons and Carols


4 thoughts on “Lessons and Carols

  1. These photos show something very beautiful. Less is definitely more – when you see the way the nativity is lit .. and the star-lights.
    well done to all your decorators, and those who inspired them… Happy Christmas!

  2. And I hope yours was better than ours with our organist failing to turn up and yours truly the only person in the chuurch able to read music sufficiently well to play (and I use the term loosely) the melody line on the organ. The lessons went fine, but the carols were a bit lacking.

  3. Your figures look to be identical with ours. Ours are still on walkabout (Posada) but I have just erected the stable (yes, I know there wasn’t one). Do they have little makers medallions embedded in their bases?

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