Setting the scene

Yesterday was church decorating time at Christ Church. After the services a small band of faithful souls bared the cold to tittify the church in preparation for the Christmass rush. (Well, one can hope!) That altar was turned round to form a stable, with light/star, but to my surprise there were only figures of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. Now, it has been pointed out to me that they are the main characters and really there is no need for any others. But… you kind of expect at least a few shepherds and a wise man or three to make an appearance at some future date. We presume that they have become damaged over the years, along with every other crib scene in every church throughout the world, but surely a bit of glue or poetic license would have done the job. Poetic license? You know: one armed shepherds, camels that list to the left and have to be propped up – that kind of thing. This means that my finger puppet nativity will have to make an appearance again at the Christingle service. You have been warned! Either donate a princely sum for a new nativity or I will keep bringing them out.

It is always interesting when you come to a new church and find out what ‘tat’ there is. Christ Church has wood panelling all around the walls to just above head height. The top of this is ready made for tea-lights – perfect!  The window sills slope down but some clever soul has made little wooden inserts to allow a candle/holly combo. Usually CC gets a real Christmass tree but I’m very allergic to them so some nice soul went out and bought a large artificial one. How many people does it take to put a tree together? A lot. Over a long period of time. Personally, I think if they’d left it to the teenagers who were helping it would have been done in a flash, but it took six of them about an hour and a half.  The only decorations for the tree were pink. Quite. (This was for the baptism of a little girl last year, I’m told.) I shall be hunting for white or gold baubles today. We have twinkle-lighted the rood screen – or rather a small portion of it. (Note to self – buy more white lights next year.) And apart from a long gold scraggly thing that looks lovely at a distance, that was it.  My inner interior decorator has lots of plans for the future.

Here are some of the helpers:


7 thoughts on “Setting the scene

  1. the main feature decorations on the tree over the last few years, I thought, have been white crocheted angels – don’t know where they are though I’m afraid.

  2. I knew you would dress that rood screen properly!

    At your institution, as we were all queuing to go out, I said more loudly than was strictly necessary: ‘Just imagine Christmas with the rood-screen covered in lights’. It was said to watch reaction, and to plant the seed in case it was not the custom.

    I’m jealous of the altar, though. That’s exactly how I want it… (well, with shepherds and journeying magae, of course)

  3. We need lots more lights for the rood screen but it’s a start. And there are now a few stars on it too!

    Yes, having the crib scene under the altar is a perfect place for it. Is yours fixed?

  4. our altar is stone, fixed, and east facing.

    And our crib is huge, so it won’t fit under the tiny table I use in place of a west facing altar. oh — and it is pointy roofed, so that option is out too. One day…

  5. In St Mark’s we just put it in front of the altar (it was fixed). They’d always had it to the side somewhere before. Would it not go in front of your west facing table?

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