Imprisonment can be good for the soul

The snow just kept on coming. It lies like a fluffy angora blanket over the landscape making the town look clean and sparkly. At the beginning of the week you could make out the shapes of what lurked underneath but now that has changed. Is that a car abandoned at the side of the road or a bush? Is it the road, in fact?

11 meetings have been cancelled so far this week.  The good thing about living next to the church has meant that I could wade my way over for Morning Prayer every day and believe it or not, I was never alone. Sometimes there were 2 of us, sometimes 3. But as the heating had to be put on at midnight to make it just bearable I think we shall move it to the hall next week. (Then I don’t even have to step outside and mess my lovely Emu boots at all.)

Being indoors for almost 5 days has meant that I’ve got lots of things done. Not as much as I would have liked but there may be time yet. My Christmass cards are written but of course I can’t get out to buy stamps and post them yet. The ironing basket is empty for the first time since I moved in, I think.  I’ve taken over the pew sheet production for one week only. (Perhaps!) For the past two days I even did a little digging of snow. Son #1 did most of it but I did flutter about with my brand new snow shovel (too heavy to lift when it is full of snow, btw) and move a little powdery stuff around. We must have shoveled tons of it and I still can’t get my car out.  Perhaps tomorrow…

The wonderful thing about shovelling – and there is really only one wonderful thing – is that people talk to you. It is like being abroad where folk greet one another in the street with a nice comment, instead of eyes down and marching forward. I hear stories of folk doing their neighbour’s driveway. All that kind of loving your neighbour stuff that we really ought to do all the year round. Maybe we should imagine it is snowing every day.

I see that my introvert friends have taken to relaxing and reading and ogling birds and such stuff. I plan to do just that tomorrow. Well, the reading bit anyway.  After the shovelling of course. I really must escape somehow, even if it is just to Tescos, or else I’m going to go crazy!


3 thoughts on “Imprisonment can be good for the soul

  1. at first I thought we needed 1-3 days of this — but now I see we need 8.

    Days 1-4: introverts contemplate while extroverts work
    Days 5-8: extroverts contemplate while introverts work.

    Shovelling, chatting, trudging to the shops, and freezing at morning prayer: days 1-8 for both.

    Wisdom exaulteth.

  2. There’s a lot to be said for ogling birds…erm, the winged kind, i mean! In the last week we have seen the usual magpies, black headed gulls and feral pigeons, but also… whooper swans, a collared dove, coal tits, tufted ducks, greylag geese… lots of good stuff. Alas not as good as our friend Craig, who had a waxwing in his garden! >jealous<

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