Advent 1

Happy New Year!

Heavy snow meant that we were low in numbers today but high in enthusiasm.  Those who did venture out really did deserve to be whisked up immediately come the Rapture. Head of the queue, I’d think.  Fortunately we did have two teenagers, one of whom had to light the Advent wreath. (Oh for a 4 year old with wonder in their eyes!) I had to move the Advent Wreath as there was a severe risk of me becoming a living Advent Candle myself. Well you don’t want all that hairspray too close to a naked flame. Not unless it is the Feast of a Martyr.

And now the Glorias are silent. I get to wear purple for the next 4 weeks (yes, I’m afraid there don’t appear to be any rose vestments here either). Morning Prayer begins tomorrow in church every day at 9am. You can join us if you like, or take a book and do it at home in communion with us.

If you want to take on an Advent devotion daily then you can check out Mother Kimberly’s Love Blooms Bright or Mother Kirstin’s Advent Jottings.

(Here is how it looked after the first snow fall. Twice as bad now.)


7 thoughts on “Advent 1

  1. Yes, I had just changed to Pilcrow when they said they were doing away with it. Not to worry – this one works just fine. I have a blind reader who prefers the column on the right so that when his computer magnifies it he can still read it by scrolling along and not losing it because of a side column. Does that make sense?

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