November being the month for remembering, we had a get-together in church last night where people could bring along their memories and stories of Christ Church’s past. Of course it was a dark and stormy night (really stormy) so I half expected three of us, but actually a good few turned out. Hilarious (sorry, but some of them were!) photographs were passed round and memories shared of handsome curates, huge choirs, pew rents, confirmation veils put on by the Rector’s wife, and outings galore – sometimes on the back of a coal lorry. What would Health & Safety say today? There was Sunday School, Youth Fellowship, Young Wives, Mothers Union, Quest and other acronymns which escape me for the moment.

Interestingly there were quite a few people there who had been baptised, confirmed and married in Christ Church. And judging by the photographs, the church hasn’t changed much in appearance – except for the reredos with Ascension painting being removed to open up the windows behind the altar. Of course the hall is no longer, where performances such as The Boyfriend took place. And we could do with some of the myriad of young boys to add to our choir.

I really enjoyed hearing the stories and finding out what people would like now – lots of outings and groups. (Confirmation classes will start in the new year.) And who knows, perhaps we will revive the Tarts and Vicars party sometime soon…




7 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. Sorry to have missed, I have not been here long, only married, one child confirmed and one baptised, an I do love hearing the stories. Good news about the classes in the new year. One place booked from here.

  2. as part of your inculturation into Falkirk, you might want to change the subtitle of your blog. But then again, I suspect I only noticed because I was admiring the new look, and thinking ‘how very Ruth’.

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