Traveling Mercies

Yes, I know it should have two ‘l’s but it is an American book.

I often buy books, or put them on my Amazon wish list, on the strength of recommendations from others. Lately, I kept coming across the name Anne Lamott from my US e-friends so thought I’d give her a go. When you are told she is irreverent, never takes herself seriously, passionate and humourous then you just have to, right?  Traveling Mercies was recommended as a good starter as it tells her journey of faith along with how she came to have dreadlocks, being a single parent, men she’s dated and the joys and sorrows of drugs and alcohol. I enjoyed it. It was all that it said on the tin, and more, and it did make me smile and nod in recognition a few times. (Made me want to write my own version, actually!) I didn’t find the irreverence shocking, just real. In fact, it was jolly good and I might look out for more.


3 thoughts on “Traveling Mercies

  1. Oh yes; so glad you have found her too. I have everything she has ever written if you ever want to borrow one; I am quite fanatical about her! My favourite, I think, is ‘Bird By Bird: Some Instructions in Writing and Life’.I often hear her father saying ‘Bird by bird, buddy; just take it bird by bird’ as I struggle to write a sermon.

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