Gosh, I’ve just noticed that I really haven’t been blogging much lately. I put it down to a new job and much scurrying hither and thither. However on my day off I did head east to Auld Reekie for a little retail therapy (with gift tokens – the best kind!), visited my sister and then met Son #2 for a meal.  Then we went to see Spamalot at the Playhouse. Now this wasn’t my choice but what Son #2 had asked for his birthday earlier in the month. I mean, I did like Monty Pythons in their day but I’m not what you’d call a huge fan now. So, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it. But what a surprise. It was hilarious and camp and just what I needed.  (Mind you, the 2nd half was even better when we moved seat and I wasn’t sitting behind the 6’4″ gentleman with Leo Sayer hair.)

The star of the show was Marcus Brigstocke as Arthur with Todd Carty as Patsy. The old jokes were there along with a few new and topical ones. The audience joined in with gusto and were clearly old fans who knew what was coming up.  All in all, a great night out and highly recommended.  (Son #2 laughed like a drain throughout.)


2 thoughts on “Spamalot

  1. It’s not the sort of thing I would relish either but I am sure would enjoy lots once I got there. Often the same with theatre and me.I end up saying- why don’t I come more often. I love musicals. Haven’t been for ages- intend to change this when I am better.

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