1st Sunday at Christ Church

You’ll all be wanting to hear how my first Sunday went… yes, you will.

Each little flock has its own idiosyncrasies and this little flock is no different. But the biggest problem was the sound system. Oh you can hear it alright. But it involves attaching yourself to a bad clip on which is not wireless but involves a long piece of cable connecting you to the plug. You daren’t move too far incase you either get jerked back or rip it off altogether. There is one at the sedilia and then one lying on the altar which I never did manage to clip on but left it lying there and shouted. I did get up into the pulpit without breaking my neck but unfortunately had switched it off and didn’t realise until I was up there. Some kind soul dashed up and switched me on again. All in all, it was the biggest disruption to the flow of liturgy – and you know how I love liturgy to flow. So, a wireless mike is on my first wish list for the Vestry.

I think the rest of it went okay. We had good numbers and the choir sang beautifully (and wore purple robes too! – well some of them did, and I’m not sure exactly why the naughty row had to wear cassocks and cottas). The church was warm – toasty warm, so I must remember to remove my jumper next time.  Ooh, and there is coffee after both services so there is a danger that you get caught up blethering and miss the second one.  But a great Sacristan and excellent Servers had it all set up so I needn’t have worried.

Then I had a trip into the Western General to visit one of my little flock and back home by tea time. It was a long day but a good ‘un.

diamond encrusted skull microphone


4 thoughts on “1st Sunday at Christ Church

  1. Hi Ruth,
    discovered your blog accidentally and great to find you.
    May you have a wonderful time at your new charge and may the people there be blessed with your quirky ways (grin).
    From your old Tisec friend (who remembers the end of term celebrations and your particular part in them!!!)


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