Day 1 at Christ Church Falkirk

What huge joy last night was. A church packed to the rafters with friends past, present and future. A Bishop, a Dean-about-to-be-a-Bishop, a Weegie Provost who preached, three adorable servers, a gaggle of local and distant clergy (of all denominations), another Provost with a chain round his neck and a big car, and a host of angels. The music was great and nearly took the roof off, although Son #1 says he really couldn’t get the hang of Veni creator Spiritus.

And the sermon… what can I say? Of course a certain Dean was rather miffed – and has let it be known to all and sundry for months now – that he hadn’t been asked. Never mind that he has preached at just about every other big occasion in my life and I thought he might be glad of a break! However, Fr Kelvin did a wonderful job and you can read it here.

And now it all begins in earnest. I’ve found the light switches in church. An angel is setting up the altar as we speak. My alb is clean. The sermon is about to be written. So it is all systems go.

So exciting!


10 thoughts on “Day 1 at Christ Church Falkirk

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