These two weeks of limbo is nearly up for tonight (DV) I shall become the rector of Christ Church Falkirk. It has been a funny place, this limbo. You live next door to a church you can’t go to, not even to spy how they do things. You hear frantic activities going on in the hall through your wall and you can’t go and offer help. Well you could, but frankly I’ve got enough to do getting the house ready for inspection by nosy ex-parishioners and friends. (Nosy in a nice way, of course – who doesn’t like comparing rectories?)

And this is an interesting rectory. It looks grand from the outside and in fact one caller asked, rather cheekily I thought, if I really needed all this space. But if you take away the ground floor which is the church hall and rooms, you are left with a fabby study all shelved, and a utility room (yet to be ‘done’) where the washing machine lives. My accommodation is on the first floor (2 bedrooms, lounge, bathroom and kitchen/diner) and the rooms are a good size. Then there is the ‘curate’s flat’ where Son #1 is laying his head amidst boxes and all the contents of the garage at Portie. The entrance to it is either from under the stairs or half way up them. Most peculiar. But very suitable for my particular circumstances. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of their children into their own little flat?

Today is a day for mopping floors, hoovering stairs, putting away things, and if there is time… writing a sermon for Sunday. Yes, I completely forgot until this morning that I actually have to preach in two days time.

I may be gone some time…

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight and enjoying Christ Church’s hospitality.


4 thoughts on “Limbo

  1. You do realise that the “non alcoholic wine” is going to be turning up at church functions, like an unwanted and somewhat crude guest, for the rest of your incumbency …

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