Settling in

No matter how often you move, it doesn’t seem to get any easier. Finding places to keep things and then finding them again seems to be incredibly difficult, especially as I have got to that age where I am having to wear my reading glasses round my neck to avoid walking miles trying to find them. (And it still takes me 5 minutes before I remember they are round my neck.)

And when my routine is disturbed I get really frustrated, it would appear. You know how in the morning you have an order for doing things – shower, hair, make-up, coffee, fag (not necessarily in that order) and when you move you have to change the order to fit with the house. For example, in the old rectory I had the luxury of a wash-hand basin in my bedroom but now I have to walk along icon corridor to the bathroom every time I put gunk on my hair or want to brush my teeth, etc. And the stairs!  I am rapidly learning that a trip upstairs is always preceded by the thought “What else needs to go upstairs? before I set off.

But today the last kitchen box was emptied and the stuff put away. (Who knew there was so much out-of-date food in my cupboards? – such waste.) I desperately need a dressing table and some sort of storage for towels and linen and old curtains. Fr Kelvin and I have a wish that in future all rectories will have a standard size window and curtain pole/rail. There must be an ideal rectory somewhere! Have you got it?

However, this one is turning out to be just lovely and once I’ve got the storage and net curtains sorted we’ll all be much happier.


6 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. I’m not sure whether it’s encouraging or discouraging to hear that it never gets easier, but it’s certainly good to know that you are starting to crack the new space and new routines.

  2. No, it definitely doesn’t get easier… and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve moved!

    I reckon I’ve settled where I am for now because my morning routine now goes like clockwork, and I’ve had very few mishaps of forgotten items as I toddle off for the 06.52 train.

    Oh, and I have a little table at the bottom of the stairs specifically for Things To Go Up Next Time I Go Upstairs. I have incredibly steep stairs, and prefer not to use them more than I’ve got to.

  3. But just think how happy the exercise fairy is every time you climb the stairs! Next time you’re looking for a church, up a hill in Barcelona, you’ll just breeze up! (keep your reply clean)

  4. No, my proposal does not cover merely Rectory windows.

    My proposal is simple. It should be the case that there should only be one width of dog collars and only one size of curtain hooks in the whole of the EU. It should be the law.

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