And she’s back with a dongle

Bereft I was, dear reader, bereft. No phone or broadband for 6 days now except for my beloved Blackberry. So yes, I could read 5 entries on Facebook (mostly about people’s farms and their need for objets) and I could look up Falkirk District Council but downloading the pdf file of when my bins get emptied was a bit tricky.

The move all went well, all things considered. On Friday it took from 8am to 7pm with 6 men. That’s a lot of tea. Son #1 even helped out to speed things along. (He was not as delicate with the old boxes of treasures.)

Since then I seem to have done nothing but empty boxes, trip over boxes, move boxes, stack boxes and knock them over again, fold boxes and so on. But gradually (and with the help of a certain dear Mother K) my lovely hoose is coming together. Lucy Pussy has commandeered the spare bed as her own, first when it was standing on end and now that it is made up.

It takes a bit of getting use to. New house, new oven, new heating, new everything – except no phone or broadband. Virgin were meant to be supplying us but after at least 4 long phone calls (to an 0845 number on my mobile so guess who’s getting the bill?) our ways have parted. Their customer service has to be the worst ever. But today the lovely Nathan from Sky came and put  my dish up so now I can watch TV, should I ever get the chance to sit down and do so. In time, they too shall be supplying me with phone and broadband but in the meantime I am the proud owner of a dongle. And I can’t tell you what a relief it is to get back to the land of the living internet user where I hear it has all been happening… Mind you, with the speed of dial-up it may take me some time to catch up.

But the house is looking lovely and nearly finished. Of course we may never find the towels again, but what fun we’ll have looking. Tomorrow night we have the rehearsal for my Institution on the 8th and then I have a week to finish off, find my way around (must find the dump), sort the books in my study into subject order, and all the usual bits and bobs.

So what have I missed while I was away? It has felt like years…


10 thoughts on “And she’s back with a dongle

  1. The bins are Tuesdays (but I’m a bit baffled as to when the blue one goes out). The nearest decent dump is on the road to Denny. And you’ll find it impossible to get the car out on a Sunday morning until after post Mass coffee! it also gey difficult to get the car out on a Monday when the paying choir practice is on!! I went for a long walk then, as I was fit to kill after the 17th rendition of hits from the shows had wafted up from the Hall

  2. Brown bins once per month, blue bins and black box (the latter new since Fr D’s day) one week and green bin the alternate week.

    What did you miss? Apparently the date for the rehearsal was miss-announced …

    Hope the heating in the rectory is more reliable than the heating next door!

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