Abbotsford and beyond

My second last day at St Mark’s and we had our parish outing. (Yes, that could have been planned better ;-))

First stop was Abbotsford, house of Sir Walter Scott and no sooner were we off the bus and our charming guide hussled us inside and began the most excited tour I’ve ever had. So good was he, that other visitors began to join our group just to hear the tales of Scotland told most enthusiastically. We began in Scott’s library. I still reckon I’ve got more books – just not in such pretty bookcases. Scott was an avid historian and collector of objets. I too am known to collect the odd bit of religious tat but my collection paled into insignificance compared to Mary Queen of Scots’ crucifix and painting of her head after execution. Every home should have one. Rather too much weaponry though for my taste, although bizarrely there was a nice Orthodox crucifix tucked in beside them which looks very similar to one we have at St M’s.

As it was the open day there was a Craft tent and a display of archery. We left the boys to watch the bows and arrows and we did some serious browsing.  (Purple and pink lacy scarf, if you must know.) After lunch it was back on the bus and on to Melrose and Holy Trinity where Fr Maurice did us a nice Mass.  Strange stained glass window above the altar with the Diocese of Edinburgh coat of arms along with the Diocese of Glasgow & Galloway’s.  Turns out they moved from one diocese to the other. Not entirely sure how…  Then we were treated to Borders hospitality in a most wonderful church hall (tea and rock buns) before meandering off round Melrose to look at the shops.

The Sale notice in Cobblers’ window saw us hotfooting it there but unfortunately the Radley bags were not included. Pity. But I did find a wee shop with Emma Bridgewater china with 25% off so a mug had to be bought.  Then off to the George & Abbotsford Hotel for high tea which we didn’t really do justice to, having eaten all day long.  Back on the bus and a lovely drive home with the sun setting behind the wind farm. How can anyone not love these beautiful creatures?

Now I have some serious work to do to prepare for tomorrow…

Abbotsford House


5 thoughts on “Abbotsford and beyond

  1. Joe and I visited Abbotsford a couple of days before we met you. Never a great Scott fan I nonetheless really enjoyed my visit and felt that the various guides and attendants really knew their stiff and were very enthusiastic.

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