The Last Supper

When I was asked what I’d like as a leaving present, I suggested a print of The Last Supper by Peter Howson. Nicola went to our local art shop and ordered it because they didn’t have one in stock. When she went to collect it she was horrified. “Oh no! That can’t be right,” she said. “Nobody would want that on their wall. Is there another Last Supper?” A quick look through the catalogue showed that this was indeed the one I wanted.

Judging by the expressions on most people’s faces at my leaving party, they were equally horrified. (So far, only two people have said they like it too. ) It lies there in church and there are not exactly hosts of people crowding round it in admiration.

But you know, if Christ were alive today these are the kind of people he’d be hanging out with. That gives me great hope. I just love the expressions, the characters. These are my kind of people!

The Last Supper by Peter Howson

13 thoughts on “The Last Supper

  1. I love it, I’m a huge fan of Peter Howson. When I graduated I was given a framed print of one of his pictures, titled London. No-one could really understand why I liked it, they all seemed to think it was a bit gloomy, but I prefer to think it’s atmospheric!

  2. Never come across this artist before and I am intrigued by the picture. It certainly is more meaningful, to me at least, than the freshly scrubbed, well fed and saintly looking standard line up. I wonder if our Lord would see familiar characters there and smile.

  3. In a house where I work there are two Howson cartoons (in the technical sense) on the wall. They were the first sign that the lady of the house had hidden depths. I knew anybody who loved Howson was a kindred spirit. They are not for this particular work, but stunning and challenging.

  4. Bad Ruthie – you KNOW you have hidden depths. I think what I really meant was that the Howsons did not at all fit the rest of the image of the lady of the house.

    • Gotcha! I was just being silly. But yes, if I’d visited the first person at St M’s who said she loved PH I’d have been equally surprised.

  5. Have just showed this picture, and explained the back story of you wanting it, to my 13 year old son and he is now very much looking forward to you arriving in your new post.

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