All Age Worship

Today the three young people from St Mark’s who went to Glen10 this year took our All Age Service and it was absolutely amazing. I know they were nervous beforehand but they spoke clearly and beautifully.

The Confession had us watching bubbles floating around the church and as ‘our’ one popped we had to imagine all our sins taken away. We said a new Creed together. They re-enacted the gospel story and had us all up raving (some more than others, it has to be said). In fact, I’m not sure that we raved at all, but a bit of bopping went on. Then at the Offertory we all put a little red heart into the basket to symbolise our own offering.

I got to do the Eucharistic Prayer but they joined me behind the altar and did the same hand movements as me, and then they distributed the Body and Blood of Christ. At the end we used +Mark’s favourite celtic blessing (Deep Peace) and sang Shine Jesus Shine with a bit more bopping going on.

They did so well and I was really proud of them. In fact, I reckon young people should do all our Family/All Age Services from now on…

4 thoughts on “All Age Worship

  1. Ah, young people.

    Prepare to be slightly disappointed in your new charge. Yesterday had 1 baby (recently baptised, slept throughout after being fed) & one mildly grumpy teenager – think that was it.

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