Big Brother

I must be one of the few people who have watched every series of Big Brother. It all began as an experiment of course, and not a stepping stone to minor celebrity status for a bunch of extroverts that put even me to shame. What would happen if you put a group of strangers together and observed them 24 hours a day? Then add in some tasks, some rewards and punishments, and sit back and see how they behave.

The reason I’ve kept with it, long after many fell by the wayside, is that I love watching people. Whether I am sitting in a pavement cafe in Florence, or on a bench in an art gallery, I love to watch how people behave and react. Of course as the series went on, the characters became bigger and more ambitious for their moment of fame. But for me, that didn’t mean that I should turn off. Instead it made me want to watch it even more. How far will some people go to achieve a photo shoot with Heat magazine? Pretty far, it would appear.

Throughout the series there have been the occasional religious contestant too. An ex-nun, a clean living Christian from the highlands, a born-again actor, and lately a charismatic pastor who gets drunk on the Holy Spirit and the ‘Glory’. Often they are ridiculed and come across as the kind of Christian that I too would shy away from. But sometimes there have been glimpses of real Godliness, and not just with the ‘Christians’.

What has struck me this year has been the beauty of Josie, who won last night. Out of all the females, from size zero to size twelve, she has shone out as the most attractive – and she is a self-confessed size 16. Of course, she has not been the most confident but she has been very real. Hailing from Bristol, with the most delicious accent and way with words, she has risen far above the wannabes. Of course there was a Big Brother romance this year between Josie and John James, the Australian. He was too cute for his own good with a vile temper, but he fell in love with Josie and she him. She couldn’t believe it. But there he was following her around like a love-sick puppy. And under the covers they had a cuddle and wee snog but that’s as far as it went. Both of them agreed that they’d never do anything embarrassing in the house and I take my hat off to them for that.

I am sad that Big Brother is coming to an end. Josie went back into the house for another fortnight along with the worst of the attention-seekers but I hope she is the final winner. And who shall I watch next summer?


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