(The Assumption of) the Blessed Virgin Mary

In homage to the BVM we used the new inclusive language 1982 liturgy yesterday at St Mark’s. Everyone agreed that it was not inclusive enough, but we’ll keep it going until such times as it becomes truly inclusive and we find alternative words for Father, Lord etc.

I was bemoaning the fact that I haven’t found any good modern hymns for the BVM. (And please don’t suggest Mary, blessed teenage Mother or whatever its called – it just doesn’t cut the mustard).  Does anyone know of any good stuff out there?  Mind you, Andrew got a standing ovation for Dubois’ Toccata in G major at the end. It was gloriously frothy.

And if you haven’t already seen this on Kelvin’s blog, then you really should. It was a joy to have so many of the Glen10 leaders (part of our Provincial Youth Network) in the front row yesterday doing wonders for our age profile. I could just see them giving their all with Hail Holy Queen.

3 thoughts on “(The Assumption of) the Blessed Virgin Mary

  1. The rhythm can be awkward, but Graham Kendrick, of all people, wrote “Thorns in the Straw”, a beautiful song about a bemused, puzzled, human girl who obeys and loves and suffers: http://www.grahamkendrick.co.uk/songs/lyrics/thorns.php

    I assume “Sing we of the blessed Mother” doesn’t count as modern.

    We sang “The love of God comes close” (Iona) yesterday, and the retired priest taking the service complimented the choir on the “imaginative choice of hymns”.

    Laudate, a rather expensive Catholic hymnal, has a good selection of Marian hymns (as you might expect), but unless you have a Calamus licence, they’re difficult to use.

    Or you could always write a couple of different verses to “The Virgin Mary had a baby boy…”

  2. Thanks James. Thorns in the Straw is nice but a bit Christmassy for the Assumption. We did indeed to Sing we of the Blessed Mother and very rousing it is too.

  3. The day we stop calling Jesus Our “Lord” in our Liturgy, will be a very sad one indeed. We could always call Him “Pal” I guess, and nod to Him on the way past our tabernacles. Enough for me, I’m afraid. I may be in the minority, but take away “Lord”, and as the Dragons would say, “I’m out”.

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