Our book group met last night to discuss two books: The Changeling by Robin Jenkins and Still Alice by Lisa Genova. We had a new member too – welcome Jane! – which always adds another depth to the discussion. We had chosen two this time partly because we couldn’t decide which one to read and partly because it was summer and folk had more time to read.

Still Alice had questions already in the back for book groups which is always a help to kick off the discussion. I couldn’t find any for The Changeling but we still managed to find plenty to say.  Both books were really enjoyed, if that’s the right word about difficult subjects, but we had to be careful as someone hadn’t read one of them but wanted to, so we couldn’t give the end away.

I find it really interesting hearing how people read books differently. Personal experience always colours the way we read and it was good to share some of that last night. I think we learn as much about each other in the book group, as we do about the book. Last night’s discussion meandered from dementia, death and suicide, family politics, marriage and expections, asylums in Musselburgh to life in the 50s, evacuation during the war, school and teachers, class, poverty and children.

Our next choice is The Help by Kathryn Stockett and we meet on Monday 30 August at 7.30pm. All welcome.

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