Westward ho!

Had a meeting in Glasgow today so after it Fr Kelvin and I went in search of a little culture.

First we had a rummage around the cathedral. Some people are surprised that priests like to rummage in another priest’s drawers, but we do. Of course I have been in the cathedral before but at services you just don’t get to have a good peer into all the dark corners. I took some photos with my new camera which appears to be lousy at taking pictures. (Perhaps I should read the instructions before taking it back and demanding a refund.) So they are a little grainy.

The reredos could be by Phoebe Traquair, one of my all time faves, but it appears to have been tampered with a bit. Gorgeous rainbow wings though.

Then after a good poke around we had lunch in a rather chintzy deli surrounded by olives and tea pigs and biscotti. Oh, nearly forgot – there are some gorgeous shops in Great Western Road including a whole shop dedicated to the art of the Aga!

On to Kelvingrove and some real culture. Heads floated above us, crocodiles prowled along the top of display cases of pretty things, and I fell in love with four marble women in grief.  Loved the real Charles Rennie Mac stuff (not the Mockintosh stuff of gift shops) – well, the stuff done by the women around him. Then it was upstairs for an action-packed Annunciation by Botticelli and some Peploe and a host of other goodies. It is quite a surreal experience as things are all mixed up. Art lies beside stuffed animals and it is all completely surprising but I really liked it. It suited my flighty mind well. Ooh look at that! Ooh look at THAT! And Ooh, what’s that next to that? And so on.

Then in the Gift Shop when Kelvin was trying to drag me away we met a man who seemed to know him. Turned out to be Jamie Stewart who wrote the Glasgow Gospels. I told him I had used his reading at Midnight Mass a few years ago and how everyone laughed. He thought that was quite right.  Which reminds me, I had forgotten how friendly people in Glasgow are. The girl in Starbucks had a good old blether, the man emptying the bins had a wee moan, everyone had time to spend in conversation with you. Whether you wanted it or not!

Then back underground and off for another hike to the Rennie Mac teashop for a cakey-bun and a chance to rest my weary Birkenstocks and have a blether with a rather charming man called Paul. I matched the chairs, by the way. And I ate a huge meringue (well, its just air, right?) and didn’t spray any of it on the company. (Always a risk with meringues, eh Paul?)

After all that we practically crawled to St Paul’s Media shop where all the religious tat is these days but it was a little disappointing. Noted they had kiddies’ books on My Muslim Friend and My Jewish Friend but no mention of Anglican Friends. Pity.

What a lovely day with my two favourite Glasgow Boys. And now to rest…


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