A Book of Silence

A Book of Silence Finally, I have finished A Book of Silence by Sara Maitland. Why did I ever think that this book would appeal to me? I only read it because it seemed that a million other folk have done so and raved about it and I kept coming across quotes from it in other books and journals. Perhaps it was envy? Perhaps it was to see if I was missing some vital ingredient in this quest for silence that so many people find attractive. And those are the people who will enjoy this book much more than I did. I liked the personal bits – the bits of her story, of the 6 weeks she spent on Skye in complete silence and her finding a house where she could live permanently in a kind of semi-silence.  But the other bits felt too much like a dissertation to me and I got a bit lost and bored.


5 thoughts on “A Book of Silence

  1. So glad it wasn’t just me who struggled with this when it seemed like all around me loved it. I’m afraid it got put at the back of a shelf in the hope I might appreciate it more another time. Unlikely …

  2. It took me over a month to read it cos I kept going to read much more exciting books in between but I do feel kind of virtuous now that I’ve done it!

  3. prefer her short stories – the words soar off the page in shimmering beauty.
    A friend of mine knows her – is very fond of her – but says ‘mad as a box of frogs’… I blame all that silence… 😉

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