Subscribe To EulogyI picked up a new magazine at the airport called Eulogy – the world’s 1st magazine to celebrate life and death. There were not many advertisements in it except for some for Interflora, the Co-op, Cancer Research and the Woodland Trust.  Articles included: Emma Freud on her dad; a soldier’s tale; a Samaritans volunteer tells her story; Boy George’s reminiscences about a friend who died; global funeral rites (China); how obituaries are written; poetry and comedy snippets about funerals and death. Everything, in fact, except religion. The Editor, Alfred Tong, states:

We have no religious remit, not any social or political agenda.

I was not expecting it to be full of religious anecdotes but I feel really sorry that it was so dismissed. Surely it merited at least one article?


3 thoughts on “Eulogy

  1. Where secularism goes wrong is when it fails to *include* *all*.

    That goes for *all* kinds of religious clothing or ornaments worn for religious reasons. It also goes for *all* the available ways to mark people’s passing.

    Perhaps you should write the missing article for them, from a comparative-religion viewpoint to get them started. 🙂

  2. Eulogy: a magazine on death and dying for secular humanists, by secular humanists…?
    I’m curious to see how long it lasts as a publication – but if it begins a process where things like death and dying are brought out into the open and talked about a wee bit more, that’s a useful thing regardless of its stance on ‘religious agendas’.
    Provides food for thought too, when it comes to CofS context re. parish duty of care and funerals/ national church…. If more humanists want to take funerals for non-church folk who would rather not have one mention ‘God’ at the funeral of their loved one/ or parish minister just being ‘default’ position… I have to be blunt and say, it’s actually fine by me.
    Yes, this probably makes me a bad person!!
    I find the tension between thinking ‘minister of the parish/ chaplain to the congregation’ an interesting and tricky one to turn around in my head.

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