The Church of the Good Shepherd

As this is the last day of my holidays I decided to go to the Church of the Good Shepherd at Murrayfield and then pop along the road to visit Papa in the Twilight Nursing Home.  (It’s not really called that but The Tower always smacks of punishment somehow.) As they don’t have a website (how can any church NOT have a website these days?) I had to rely on the red book to give me the service time.

It is a pretty little church with lots of rather nice features. Smiley person handed me the pile of papers and hymnbook but no conversation. A sign told me to sit at the front but nobody seemed to pay much attention to that so although I was five rows back there was just one person in front of me. A couple came to join me at the end of my row, but i was left pretty much to myself. The theme was Sea Sunday so the hymns were particularly trad and masculine in flavour. Mass setting was St Thomas and the choir of five did a little descant at one point. The sermon was preached by Brenda, the Deacon, and was fine. No communion hymn but the organist played something instead and those behind me had a good blether.

At the end of the service the woman beside me asked if I usually attended diocesan conferences because she thought she recognised me. So we had a nice chat about purple things and her gorgeous handbag which came from Skye.  She was very friendly. I think the congregation went off to the hall for coffee but I had a quick word with Fr Dean and then scooted off to see dad.

One thing that did catch my eye was the rather gorgeous hand movements that Fr Dean did at the Epiclesis. Thumbs were crossed and hands fanned out (like a bird) and then swooped out breaking the link and moving divinely into hands oran position. It was really rather nice.

In St George’s Windsor we never had a Blessing once (and I never found the Epiclesis on the people at all) so it was nice to finally finish with a blessing before being sent out. What’s that all about anyway?

And now I have the rest of the day to catch up on TV I missed while away, a little reading perhaps (def not poetry!) and then back to work tomorrow. First job will be clearing the desk. Etc, etc.


3 thoughts on “The Church of the Good Shepherd

  1. I don’t think that our chuch website has been updated since I stopped being churchwarden, but at least it is there with the basic pattern of Sunday services. There is a priest locally rumoured to forbid her churchwardens to put either their phone numbers or email addresses on the diocesan website even, let alone allowing the churches to have a web presence of their own! She claims data protection! I have to say that I have frequently hunted in vain for service times on the web when going on holiday or wishing to follow a different pattern on a Sunday and go to an earlier than usual service to clear the remainder of the day.

  2. Thank you Fr Paul. I couldn’t find it and there was no link on the SEC website.

    It is so important to have a website that is up to date. I know that pretty much all of our visitors and new members mention that they found either my blog or church blog before they came. People who move into an area will all Google first.

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