Windsor – part 1

On Monday I flew down to Heathrow and then on to Windsor Castle for a Consultation on Pastoral and Practical Theology. (That’s a ‘course’ to you and I!)  The programme has been so full, and the craich so good, that I haven’t had time to blog and have only FBed and Tweeted on my phone.

My room is in St George’s House which is just behind St George’s Chapel. The view is amazing (photos to follow). We all have to wear security passes which let us through the gates without being molested by the many polis on duty, not to forget the poor guard who has to stand to attention all day long. Of course they do change the guard – accompanied by brass band – which is a lovely distraction to the many lectures.

Worship is in the Chapel – Mattins at 7.30am then Mass in a Chantry chapel at 8am. Choral Evensnog in the evening is just heavenly, if a little bit of a spectator sport. All male choir of course. All male everything, in fact. Not a priest-who-happens-to-be-a-woman in sight. But the clergy are gorgeous and delightful and I already have a crush..!

Day 1 was on pastoral and practical theology.

Day 2 on poetry – especially Philip Larkin. I struggled a bit on Day 2.

Day 3 on Feminist Theology with Zoe Bennett which was fabby.

We have groups too which meet a couple of times a day to discuss certain topics and they are useful. And in between there are coffee breaks looking over the castle walls; the most incredible food; a rather nice loyalty bar; and great company.

Time to go and work some more… more later.


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