Quiet Days

I was on a great training day yesterday learning how to lead Quiet Days at Emmaus House. There was a lot of sharing of resources going on which was really useful. I have never attended many myself (and readers of this blog will not be at all surprised at that) so it can be tricky leading them.

And we made bread! For ages I’ve been trying to get someone to teach me the finer points of kneading and although we weren’t taught it, we all had a go (in silence of course) and I reckon this could be my new hobby. It was hot! I totally didn’t expect that. I wasn’t very good – not co-ordinated at all, but I reckon with a bit of practise I could do one-handed kneading like J. And at the end our little bread rolls were all placed on the altar and then we got to take it home. Some didn’t wait and started to scoff them there and then, warm as they were straight from the oven. However, mine was screaming “I need Lurpak” so I held off until I got home. Delicious!

Now I am on holiday for a week and then on a course in Windsor Castle, doncha know. I may blog, I may not.

7 thoughts on “Quiet Days

  1. Glad you liked it! Bread is wonderful and deeply profound stuff – read ‘Mixed Up Blessing’ by Barbara Glasson, the Methodist minister who set up the bread church in Liverpool city centre. I suspect I will be instigating bread making workshops at one of the churches in the west end of Edinburgh – I will keep you posted. Have a good holiday.

  2. What are the chances of sharing the resources suggested at the Quiet Day leadership training for those who couldn’t get there on the day?

  3. Re your twitter – what was the bra doing? And if there aren’t any men on the team who was wearing it? Does the Dean have moobs?

  4. Jen, I have a couple of handouts which I’ll photocopy and pass on. Don’t want to infringe copywrite laws! And also they had a pile of leaflets by the Retreat Association which I’m sure you could order from them.

    I also have used Creative Ideas for Quiet Days by Sue Pickering. (all the books in that Canterbury Press series are excellent.)

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