Moving on

Today I announced that I shall be leaving St Mark’s in about 3 months to go to Christ Church, Falkirk (subject to Disclosure, of course). La Holy Spirit has been nudging me gently in that direction for a wee while now and you don’t mess with her. There were tears and joy (in Falkirk, I’m told, as they heard the news too).

We have achieved a lot here in Portobello these last 41/2 years. We’ve grown in numbers and more importantly in spirituality together. And, as our visitor this morning (who found us via the internet, btw) said: ‘what a friendly church!’

So my prayers now are for the next priest who comes here to continue loving this adorable wee flock. Will you say one too, please?

10 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Ruth,

    My prayers are with:

    — you as one chapter of your ministry closes and another opens;
    — St Mark’s Portobello as they embark on the process of locating and appointing a new rector; and
    — Christ Church, Falkirk as they start a new chapter in their spiritual life with you as their guide

  2. Best Wishes Ruth on your new venture. My parents now live in your new parish (but are not members!). Nice to hear,in your last post, that Robin Angus is well.
    Steven Laidlaw

  3. Oh yes I most certainly will, Ruthie. One of thanks to God for all you and your flock have achieved these past years – it’s been an amazing transformation – and another for you and the people of Christ Church as you prepare to get to know each other. And several alleluias that you will be practically on the border with G and G! Coffee in Cumbernauld sometime?

  4. Yes, I am looking forward to being back in West Lothian (and can reach my dad at Murrayfield quicker from Falkirk than Portobello, believe it or not!) and if I find Cumbernauld will be delighted to have coffee, Annie.

    Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. It is an exciting time and I know St Mark’s have a really good Vestry who will appoint with care the next shepherd for this little flock.

  5. Brilliant news for my friends in Christ Church. They deserve somebody who is Pure Dead Brilliant and I know you will be extremely happy there! Same architect as St Auggie’s Dumbarton btw.

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